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Just The Basics: Installation and Care
Soap Dispensers
bullet Shower Head Installation bullet Installing Your Dispenser
bullet Cleaning A Shower Head bullet Which Soap Dispenser is Right for You?
bullet Finding The Right Shower Head For You bullet Soap Dispenser Troubleshooting
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Shaping Up Thanksgiving Side Dishes

Ever Consider Shaping Stuffing into Muffins, Loaves or Balls? Or preparing an Upside-Down Salad? Your Guests Will Love These Surprises

If dinner rolls and pumpkin bread are usually guests at your Thanksgiving table, you can save a step and impress your guests by substituting savory stuffing loaves, muffins or balls. Molded stuffing is a tempting two-in-one side dish that is easy, too, since convenient packaged stuffing mix is the perfect foundation from which to start your adventure.

Super 5 Blue

No Clog! Turn the lever, and it cleans itself by pushing out small prongs to remove sediment!
  • We can turn this showerhead into a handheld shower for you! Simply add the Handheld Shower Kit to your order.
Quad Super 3 Shower Head

Fits a standard shower pipe to allow you to place 4 shower heads on the same pipe. Available in over 20,000 options. Only one choice shown. If you would like to place other shower heads on this set up, please contact us for pricing.

Clear Choice Chrome Three Button Dispenser

Fits neatly in the CORNER or on the Wall! Only Clear Choice™ gives you this great installation choice. Our uniquely designed bracket provides this flat or corner option on the two, three and four chamber units. Gift Certificate

This Certificate is good for $50 worth of products at and is good on all products.

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Five-And-a-Half Cost Effective Tips for Accessorizing Your Bathroom

In the movie Steel Magnolias, the character Clairee declares that, "The only thing that separates us from the animals is our ability to accessorize." Well -- she's right!

One room that can really benefit from a little freshening up is the bathroom. By adding accents and accessories, we can make our bathrooms more inviting. Here are some cost effective solutions for accessorizing and revitalizing your bathroom.


Miscellaneous Articles
bullet 5 1/2 Cost Effective Tips for Accessorizing Your Bathroom bullet Choosing A Contractor
bullet Is Your Bathroom Lacking (Your) Personality? bullet Cleaning Ceramic Wall Tiles
bullet Kitchen and Bath Solutions bullet Cleaning Fiberglass Sinks and Tubs
bullet Keeping Ceramic Tile and Stone Looking Great bullet An Ancient Luxury Becomes A Modern Morning Necessity
bullet Fixing A Plugged Sink or Lavatory Drain bullet Big Ideas For Small Baths
bullet Removing Lime Deposits on Bathroom Fixtures bullet Creating Safe Bathrooms for Children
bullet Removing Rust Stains on Bathroom Fixtures bullet Warranty Information
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